Music Therapy

Our store currently offers private sessions for all interested parties. Each session is designed for the individual and is based on their needs. The Music Therapist conducts an assessment to determine areas of need and establish goals. Music Therapy sessions then focus on the set goals through use of musical based activities. Responses, both musical and non-musical, are documented after each session to keep track of progress. Goals may address communication, social skills, and academic, psychological and physical needs. There are several musical experiences that may take place such as music improvisation, learning through music, or organized playing.

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"I use musical experiences such as improvisation, learning through music, or organized playing in order to focus on individual goals of my clients." Danielle Musat | Music Therapist

Flexible. Nurturing. Connecting.

30 minutes $159

The most common time is 30-minutes and is often recommended for younger children as well as those with a short attention span.

45 minutes $239

45-minutes may be more appropriate for teenage clients or those who have been participants in other therapeutic disciplines that are the same duration.

60 minutes $318

A 60-minute session is recommended for older teens or adults in an individual or group setting. We do not currently hold group sessions at the store, but feel free to speak with the Music Therapist about other options.

These fees are paid on a monthly basis and some families may be eligible for funding through the Family Resources department in their county.

If you have any questions regarding our Music Therapy program, feel free to call us at (440)237-9400.

There are also websites that may provide additional information about Music Therapy: