Professional Suite - Step up and Professional Instruments

At Royalton Music Center, we are passionate about music and the musicians who create it.

As a musician grows, so will the need to have the right tool of the trade. Step-up and professional instruments allow accomplished musicians to play more notes, have more keys, are made of different materials, and are hand-made works of art themselves. For this very reason - Royalton Music Center is proud to offer an unparalleled selection of step-up and professional instruments  stemming from the most prominent makers in the world of flutes/piccolos, double reeds, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, French horns, low brass, and strings. 

With private showings available by appointment, the process of selecting your forever instrument will be a satisfying, pressure-free experience; one where our highly-trained staff will be happy to provide information, feedback, and above all else, encouragement while you make your selection - customized to your needs and budget. Financing options are available, and pre-approval can be completed here.

Take a minor drive, and experience a Major difference.