Flute Care Kit

  1. Wash your hands and brush your teeth before you play. This helps to keep the instrument free of acids and sugars that can damage the metal and pads.

  2. When putting the sections together, push & twist to make them go on straight. Putting the pieces together at an angle will dent & flatten the sides of the tenon & can cause the joints to fit improperly. Grease should not be used on tenons (end piece).

  3. Run the pad saver through the body and foot of the flute twice after each time you play. Store the pad saver inside until the next time you play.

  1. Polish your flute weekly with your microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and keep it looking new. Excessive polishing can damage the pads by causing small tears in the skins of the pads. DO NOT store the cloth in the flute case because this too can cause damage to the instrument.

  2. The lip plate may be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or mouthpiece freshener if you have been sick. 

  3. Pad papers can be used for blotting up moisture or stickiness on pads as needed.

  4. The pad saver should be frequently hand washed with dish soap in warm water and air-dried completely before use or storage.

  5. Never expose or clean the flute with water. If accidental exposure occurs, allow the instrument to dry in an open case to avoid mold, mildew and other damage.