Caring for your Cello & Bass

  1. Wash your hands before you play.

  2. Your instrument should be tuned by a teacher or trained professional only.  Strings break very easily when too much tension is applied to the string and fine tuners can damage the wood top. 

  3. Extend and adjust your endpin while sitting.  Be sure to screw the endpin back in place (inside the body of your instrument) and tighten it to ensure it doesn’t fall out while in the case.

  4. Tighten the bow each time before you play and apply rosin as needed. 

  5. Relax bow every time you finish playing.  Leaving tension can destroy the bow. 
    Store the bow properly and in a relaxed position to avoid damaging the instrument. 

  6. DO NOT touch the bow hair with your hands.  Oils from your hands leave a “bald 
    spot” where rosin will not stick to the hair. 

  7. Daily, use the microfiber cloth to remove excess rosin from the strings and instrument. Use your cloth to polish your instrument weekly to remove fingerprints and keep the finish new. 

  8. The humidifier should be used year round (most especially when the air is dry). The humidifier can be stored in the instrument as this will help prevent contraction of the wood and drying of the glue.  Rewet the humidifier every few days and be sure to wipe off the excess water before snaking back into the instrument.